Jakub Paluch

Chairman of the Board

Wilki i Flamingi

Advocate, vice-chairman of the Electronic Sports Section at the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. A section that brought together most of the competitors in one market. Esports pioneer in Poland. Since 2000, he has managed teams that have won the World Championships, the European Championships several times, created leagues and tournaments. He was responsible for one of the first unions of professional e-sports teams in the world. He promoted esports at many events in Poland as a speaker and lecturer. He advised representatives of the legislative and executive authorities. He graduated from law and passed the lawyer's professional exam with a positive result. Founder of the Kadron Law Firm. For nearly 12 years on the Intelligent Technology market he has co-created many companies and projects. He was responsible for communication between company employees, promotional and marketing campaigns, contact with product target groups, negotiations, sales, and created brands from scratch. Responsible for creative activities and startup strategies. Designs business models for new ideas. Over seven years actively was a business trainer. He specializes in improving commercial competences and negotiations of sales and customer service employees. He prepared negotiation teams. Lecturer at the School of Banking in Wrocław and the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. Currently, among others, the President of the Management Board of Wilki i Flamingi. A company that produces innovative swivel chairs. Chairs that were built using vacuum technology. The armchair allows the user to adapt the surface to his body in 95%. It is a tool that increases the cognitive abilities of every employee: his memory, concentration, problem solving, clear thoughts and motivation. The armchair's design was made by Mateusz Przystał - a world-famous designer, cooperating, among others, in creating Ferrari 458 Italia. 3D printing technology is used to build the chair. It is thanks to her that it is possible to use unusual, modern shapes of sheathing.

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Jakub Paluch
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