Borys Stokalski

Chief Storyteller and Product Strategy Advisor


Entrepreneur, investor, manager and consultant. Borys Stokalski has been involved with the IT industry and business applications of technological innovations for over three decades. Graduated in 1987 from Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics, IT and Mechanics at University of Warsaw. Lifelong enthusiast of the transformative potential of digital technologies. Co-creator and long-term president of the Infovide-Matrix Group, one of the leading consultancy & solution implementation companies in Poland. Currently co-founder and a partner at RETHINK, company specializing in supporting digital transformation of enterprises and public institutions, and supporting startup growth. Acts as product strategy, tech marketing communication and business scale up expert for VersaBox and other young technology companies challenged by the business growth issues. Passionate about exploring technoevolution Borys initiated the creator and animator of Digital Champions, a knowledge sharing initiative of RETHINK ( His public pro bono activities include serving for Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (Chamber Board Member, and President in term 2017-2019), acting as the member of Expert Board of Think Tank Magazine, mentoring for „Technologia w Spódnicy”, a women in tech career development programme. Borys publishes reports and articles for Cutter Consortium, an international think tank. Borys Stokalski authored of numerous publications devoted to current strategic and management challenges related to the development of digital business. In his personal life, Borys is an enthusiast of music, Suwałki Region, Czech Republic, skiing, diving, boating and leisure activities with his loved ones. Happily married for over 30 years, father of three and – as of 2019 - a grandfather of three.